ESL Gaming – Mobile Billboard, Brand Ambassadors Drive Event Ticket Sales

ESL Gaming Case Study

I’m an avid gamer and was literally just walking by to do my grocery shopping. How lucky to have found you!” / – Gamer, Dallas

To promote the ESL Pro League event in Dallas, ESL Gaming activated a combination of mobile billboards and field marketing to increase ticket sales. During the campaign, the brand ambassadors distributed 6,000 flyers and directly interacted with males 15 – 30 years old who were gaming enthusiasts. The mobile billboard also quickly became a popular selfie spot among gamers and their friends. The campaign ran for three days in Austin, targeting the Dreamhack event. Additionally, the mobile billboard ran for seven days and the field marketing team activated for two days in Dallas to promote event ticket sales. Our customized targeting strategy and route focused on video games stores, universities, arcades and special events aimed at the target audience. During the event, ESL Gaming surveyed a sample of attendees, of which nearly 22% saw the event advertised on the mobile billboard.

2 markets

6,000 flyers distributed

22% of surveyed attendees saw the mobile billboard

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