H&R Block – Armored Vehicles Demonstrate the Brand Promise Fortress

H&R Block

Free hot chocolate and useful information?! I’m sold! Where’s the closest location?” / Rosa Padilla, Consumer

H&R Block utilizes our alternative out-of-home media formats heavily from January through April to help drive traffic to their services during the tax season. While they have tried many tactics, including mobile billboards, mobile billboard domination, Segways, jet packs and even a yard sign campaign, the one outdoor advertising medium that really relates their brand message to consumers is the use of an armored vehicle. The fortitude of this moving fortress helps taxpayers feel protected in the hands of an H&R Block tax preparer.

Their routing strategy includes high-impact opportunities, such as large community events. The ‘Get Your Billion Back’ armored vehicle has even participated in several parades, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day parades and St. Patrick’s Day parades, rolling through the crowds amongst the marching bands and firetrucks as a brand ambassador team infiltrates the masses guerrilla style, passing out thunder-sticks and further exciting parade watchers lined up down the street behind the large number of temporary barriers that had been put in place for safety.

H&R Block does high-impact campaigns with short flights in many markets across the U.S. They usually run a 5-day vehicle advertising campaign paired with a 3-day brand ambassador team in each market, hitting approximately 15-20 key markets every season. When the armored vehicle isn’t enjoying the hubbub of a parade, it strategically targets multiple H&R Block locations per day within the same tight geographical area. As a repeat advertiser, their strategy is not just exciting – it’s effective.

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