Mattress Warehouse – Verified Store Walk-Ins

Mattress Warehouse Verified Walk-Ins Case Study

When the main goal for a marketer is to drive walk-ins, or measure in-store attribution, it is always best to use location targeting to drive the highest results.” / – Jon Lowen, COO, SITO Mobile

To drive foot traffic into three Mattress Warehouse locations, we paired a mobile billboard with mobile display advertising. The campaign used a short 5-day flight Ellicott City, MD, and 10-day flight in Egg Harbor, NJ. By serving mobile display ads along the same routes and concentrating impressions at competitor locations, we were able to achieve a 337% relative click performance when compared to industry averages. The two advertising channels worked together to reach the right shoppers in close proximity to the locations and drive foot traffic during the President’s Day sales. With verified walk-in measurements, we could directly attribute 127 verified walk-ins from this campaign. Of course, that doesn’t even count the number of people who saw the larger-than-life mobile billboard and thought of Mattress Warehouse the next time they were shopping for a new mattress.

1,554,057 mobile display ad impressions

0.50% click-through-rate

127 verified walk-ins

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