NBC 5 Chicago – Start Your Morning with Breakfast and the News


The level of positive responses to our campaign really helps to paint a picture of what people want and need from their morning news.” / Joseph Lill, Sr. National Event Manager

What goes best with a dose of your morning news? Breakfast, of course! Now that the NBC 5 Chicago is available on the go and always at your fingertips, this campaign targeted busy commuter areas to increase mobile app downloads and create a relation between the most important meal of the day and the NBC 5 brand! A branded food truck staffed with engaging brand ambassadors passed out breakfast bags: muffin, fruit and granola bar to go! In addition to also providing free coffee over the 4-morning campaign duration, the team used near field communication (NFC) to interact with passersby and quickly download the news app onto their smartphone devices. On-air talent also participated in the activation, creating a bigger stir for attention.

3,200 bags of breakfast distributed

12,800 estimated in-person impressions

688 new mobile app downloads

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