Ulta Beauty + Shadowfencing

Ulta Beauty holiday advertising case study
Ulta Beauty

Since 2016, do it outdoors media has supported Ulta Beauty’s grand openings, averaging over 100 new stores per year. Each campaign has traditionally included one mobile billboard for five days during the grand opening week. But Ulta agreed to put our integrated solutions to the test.

For five new grand openings in five different markets across the U.S., Ulta added shadowfencing to compare their current digital marketing results with an integrated OOH campaign. Each market executed one mobile billboard for two weeks, paired with mobile display advertising. Digital impressions were served to an audience-filtered geofence (28%), shadowfence (28%) and by retargeting the devices collected through shadowfence delivery (44%).

The shadowfencing outperformed geofencing alone by 30%. But by retargeting the OOH audience, the CTR grew by a whopping 83% from the geofencing segment.

Online engagement exceeded expectations! Serving digital ads to the OOH audience was a strong indicator of frequency-driven performance.

0.44% CTR – benchmark

0.47% CTR – geofencing

0.61% CTR – shadowfencing

0.86% CTR – retargeting

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