Walmart – Segway Squads Promote a Grand Opening


Wow! Segways with free shopping bags and free coffee… Walmart really takes care of you!” / Teniesha Brown, Consumer

Imagine shopping at a neighborhood outdoor market when you’re greeted by a friendly team of brand ambassadors riding Segways and wearing jet packs filled with free coffee. It’s a delightful surprise when you’re informed that a new discount department store will be opening soon nearby, and you’re given a free reusable shopping bag and invited to come stop by the grand opening. It’s a warm, fuzzy way for a big national brand like Walmart to connect on a more personal level with the folks it serves.

To build excitement around a new store in Washington, D.C., strategic guerrilla marketing was activated in heavy footfall areas during a 5-day campaign – and left a lasting impression.

1,000 cups of coffee distributed

5,000 reusable shopping totes distributed

24,000+ lasting impressions

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