Xfinity – College Campus Tours Lift Student Spirits


Xfinity seems like a deal my roommates and I can split. We miss having cable!” / Leslie Bowen, Consumer

College students like entertainment, so Xfinity embarked on a journey visiting campuses in multiple markets along the East Coast to give students who were returning back to school an unforgettable experience. Not only was a mobile billboard circling around campus, popular student hangouts and nearby retail centers, but a brand ambassador team riding on Xfinity-branded Segways interacted directly with the target audience. The well-trained, professional brand ambassadors chatted with students, used near field communication (NFC) to distribute premiums, educated the consumers about Xfinity products, passed out screen cloths and can koozies…and invited them to an Xfinity-sponsored concert event! Xfinity made campus marketing a fun success.

35 colleges targeted during move-in days

84,000 estimated impressions of the field marketing team alone

2 weeks of hyper-local targeting the right people at the right time

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