Shadowfencing Strategy

Shadowfencing Strategy – A geofence that shadows the mobile billboard – wherever it drives!

Yup! That pretty much sums it up. Developed by do it outdoors in partnership with  Blue Bite, this shadowfencing strategy deploys a dynamic geofence that shadows our  mobile billboards wherever we drive and automatically changes the campaign’s targeting parameters to serve mobile display ads to devices closest to the out-of-home message.

We then add a five-minute trail to continue serving mobile ads to the OOH audience for five minutes after the mobile billboard drives by. Pretty wild, right?

Shadowfencing: Real-time, real world direct correlation

Deliver a complementary mobile message as the mobile billboard drives by in immediate proximity. GPS coordinates are reported every 60 seconds and applied in real-time for bidding on ad exchanges…while the mobile billboard is moving. Ads are served to devices within 200 meters of the unit for a high-degree of confidence that the user is in line of sight of the OOH message. The previous 5 GPS coordinates are stored, so we continue to trail the mobile billboard with mobile display ads to capitalize on ad recency to improve recall and conversion. We capture device info in direct exposure to the OOH message for retargeting, audience insights and attribution. And we’ve seen awesome results:

So far, our shadowfencing strategy is outperforming industry average mobile display CTRs by +396%, and we’d love to put it to work for you to achieve similar success with your OOH campaign.

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