Wendy’s – Award-Winning Media Campaign Goes Big


“This local marketing program generated excitement, gained trial thru sampling and engaged Wendy’s customers to try breakfast for the first time.” / – Becky Shaw, Division Marketing Manager

In celebration of the Super Bowl being in market, Wendy’s in the Tampa DMA leveraged the event to generate consumer and crew excitement for their Big in Breakfast launch. With a bigger-than-life message, they activated a powerful five-day mobile billboard and mobile geofencing media combination to grab attention at the Super Bowl Experience landmarks, as well as at the area’s 112 Wendy’s locations. The out-of-home media campaign drove in-store conversions to support breakfast sampling of 4,000 Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits.

Stores within the DMA achieved the highest company market that week in breakfast sales and saw as high as 86.4% breakfast overall satisfaction scores. With a measurable sales lift and transaction lift, they were successful at generating immediate results while also building desire through the sampling efforts that will grow future breakfast sales.

Wendy’s supported the fully integrated campaign with social media, PR, merchandising, local radio and restaurant team engagement. Due to this campaign’s success, the Wendy’s Tampa DMA team were recipients of the US Diamond Award.

5% sales lift

9% transaction lift

97% CTR relative performance

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