Mobile Billboards

We’re the largest national mobile billboard company. Come roll with us.

The greatest advantage of using mobile billboards to drive your brand is, of course, the move-ability factor. No other medium can guarantee coverage at the exact physical locations your audience lives, works or plays, and with our proprietary true proximity targeting software, you can put your message in front of your precise target audience with a customized route that targets on both geography and demography. Using larger-than- life creative, these moving ads are more likely to be noticed and recalled than static out-of- home (OOH) ads. No waiting for bulletin inventory to finally come available in the right market, and no set flight durations. Mobile billboards are cost-effective and offer one of the most flexible OOH buys, so you can strategically place messaging when and where it matters the most. And don’t forget, they’re just dang awesome looking.

When David and Regis built do it outdoors in the 1990s, mobile billboards were the driving force, and even today, after the company has continued to expand and evolve with client expectations, mobile billboards remain our outdoor advertising superheroes. They are our clients’ most preferred method for driving results and are proven to heighten awareness, drive foot traffic and increase sales. And because we’re so buttoned up, your brand will never be at risk in our hands. That’s what being your strategic partner means to us.Our mobile billboard options have expanded as we continue to innovate. In addition to classic mobile billboards, you now have access to:

We’re happy to join your media planning team and assist in designing an award-winning campaign with mobile billboards in the heart of it. Let’s talk about what goals you’re hitting with TV, radio and Internet advertising, as well as your other out-of-home media, and see if we can surpass on reach, frequency and impact.

Learn more about each of our mobile billboard options and start planning your next campaign!

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are used to share a brand’s message with motorists and pedestrians in virtually any market. We own and operate our entire quality-maintained fleet and use our proprietary true proximity targeting software to customize a route that puts your message in front of your precise target audience. Advertisers choose the time, place, and proximity-based messaging, giving you the ultimate in control and flexibility. While we shudder at the term billboard trucks, mobile billboards are often referred to as mobile advertising vehicles, billboards on wheels or truck-mounted advertising. Our units and drivers are always professional representations of your brand and are available in any U.S. market.

Nikon and the entire McCann team are extremely pleased with the mobile billboards. As a result, we feel that ‘NikonDigital’ was a true presence and unavoidable, especially by our competitors. The driver did a great job as well in getting where we needed when we needed to be there.”/ Nino Rossello, McCann Erickson

Illuminated Mobile Billboards

Let’s light ’em up! If you’re targeting those enjoying the nightlife, or those hitting the gym and shopping center after-dark, our illuminated mobile billboards will light up your messaging. That means you can run an effective outdoor advertising campaign, no matter the time of day.

I have the opportunity to work with many billboard companies. I give most of my work to do it outdoors, because my experiences with them have been so positive.”/ James Moretti, Zenith Media

Custom Build Out Mobile Billboards

Our badass team of artists and vehicle technicians can design in 3D to attract more attention to your mobile billboard. Want to add a basketball hoop off the back? No problem. Add in a digital countdown to your big event? Why not! Want to carry someone away with you? Sure! We can create a bit of texture or build out a full 3D design. The only limits are our imaginations (and we have big ones). Plus a few vehicle regulations that we’ve got down pat. They are no obstacle for our creativity on wheels.

Just a pleasure to work with you. The do it outdoors team are thorough, detailed, professional and personable.”/ Su Aros, Avaya

Mobile Billboard Domination

One moving mobile billboard will turn heads. But a fleet of 25 mobile billboards, one after the other, infiltrating the roadway will grab everyone’s attention and create a heart-pounding emotional impact. Mobile billboard domination leaves a lasting – and branded – impression on each person who is held captivated on the street.

What’s more memorable than a train of larger-than-life advertisements? HBO has my attention.”/ Oliver Henderson, Consumer

Cosmopolitan Units

Our Cosmopolitan Units, formerly known as Manhattan Units, are mobile billboards specially designed for campaigns which desire three sides of branded real estate, require urban maneuvering along busy downtown routes, drive in more remote areas where this style of advertising vehicle is most effective or include field marketing teams. The Cosmo uses the same state-of-the-art vinyl framing system as our standard mobile billboards. They can play double-duty as a utility vehicle on field marketing campaigns, providing ample storage for Segways, JetPacks or samples during an event activation. While this advertising vehicle is a smidgen smaller than our standard mobile billboards, the shape allows you to utilize three sides of creative instead of two. While aptly named to represent its universal usage, these promotional mobile billboards can be used wherever your campaign drives them. The Cosmo will follow a strategic, customized route and adhere to the same high standards as all of our mobile billboard campaigns.

The trucks looked awesome, and it made a huge impact to the client.”/ Stephanie Calderwood, Outdoor Media Alliance

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