Our Team

Here are the leaders of our pack, who will be doing the heavy lifting for your OOH campaign. Our C-suite guides the entire team in the following key functions: operations, human resources, new business development, account management, information technology, finance and accounting. In addition, our national account executives and managers are here to help. Say hello.

Regis Maher: President and Co-Founder

Our high-voltage motivator, Regis keeps us all fired up and rarin’ to go. He carries the weight of new business development and client relationships. In other words, he’s our head honcho.


David Pridgen: CEO, Co-Founder and Safety Director

Business-minded David oversees the operations, finance and HR for the company, worrying about all the details so you don’t have to.


Shari Maher: VP, National Accounts

Shari leads with passion and gets goose bumps when enthusiastically talking about out-of-home solutions that are creative, fun and a little out of the ordinary. You can call her Coop.


Sarah Maher: VP, Sales

Serving the New York City and Northeastern Region, Sarah dishes up an infectious cheerfulness with her strategic media planning guidance.


Regie Maher: National Account Executive

Covering the Big Apple, Regie looks to bring a mix of joviality and industry insights to his team and clients. He makes sure we’re all catching the next wave.


Gabby Jeanmenne: National Account Executive

Our resident Gen Zer, Gabby brings fresh outlooks and perspectives to our sales team. She’s always on the lookout for new trends in the industry to keep her clients and her ahead of the curve.


Jill Cesarz: Account Manager

Analytical and detail-oriented, Jill dots every i and crosses every t on every route, proposal, contract and presentation she’s a part of.


Rick Pace: VP Experiential Marketing

Our creative madman, Rick spearheads our experiential and field marketing activations while developing new business through our promotional agency partnerships.


Susanne Jewell: VP Operations and Human Resources

Like glue – or gum – Susanne holds us all together; she has 20 years experience in HR and is the mastermind behind the logistics and staffing of every campaign, overseeing the day-to-day operations.


Clark LaGanke: Operations Field and Safety Manager

Clark keeps our drivers and field marketing teams in constant check and leads our safety and compliance efforts.


Tim Piester: Operations Manager

Tim oversees our operations from the East Coast and is always the first one in the office every morning. When he’s not overseeing mobile billboard ops, he’s out blazing a new trail on his bicycle.


Jon Richmond: Operations Manager

Jon has worked his way up through the ranks – from driver to operations coordinator to assistant manager and now manager. He still has the drive and can sometimes still be spotted behind the wheel of a mobile billboard.


Diane Utz: Routing Strategist

As the company’s first employee, Diane still proudly serves as the routing guru over 20 years later. In that time, our routes have evolved from paper maps to intelligent mapping software, yet Diane never misses a beat.


Roger Monson: CFO

With 20 years experience at the CFO level, Roger is great with numbers – and advice. His mantra is, “If you don’t know what to do, just do something. Take action; you’ll either succeed or learn.”


Dave Fortney: Controller and IT Director

There’s always a train of people to see the guy in charge of accounting and IT, but Dave stays chill and always has an eclectic playlist singing in the background.


Elizabeth Shaffer: Art Director

Liz has grown with the company and now heads up the art department, ensuring that the visual impact of every campaign is fully maximized.


Every national account executive has support from an account manager to ensure that a client’s every need is met – and surpassed. Stationed across the U.S., our account staff are willing to meet with you in person to answer your questions, create solutions and collaborate with your marketing and branding teams on executing effective campaigns. They’ll report back the successes – and even let you know if something didn’t work. Transparency and honesty is evident in everything we do with your account.

Our team continues to grow!

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