Why do it outdoors?

You have marketing goals that need met and every campaign you run has unique key performance indicators to make sure you’re moving the needle in the right direction. We understand your challenges and want to make sure our out-of-home media formats are strategically deployed with your success in mind. It’s about getting a return on your advertising investment. The links above offer a sample of campaigns we’ve run for clients in the past. These out-of-home case studies demonstrate the lift in foot traffic, sales, loyalty or engagement you can expect when you run a campaign with do it outdoors.

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We dominate the following industries.
  • Wireless & Telecommunications
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • QSR / Fast Casual Restaurants
  • Travel / Tourism

But our mediums perform well regardless of what niche you’re in. Go ahead; challenge us to impress you, even if your industry isn’t spotlighted here.

Why out-of-home advertising?

70% of time is spent away from home. -OAAA

80% of consumers can be reached by OOH advertising on the average day. -OAAA

26% of U.S. adults have visited a website they saw advertised in OOH. –Arbitron

16% of OOH viewers have visited the advertised business immediately after seeing an ad. –Nielsen

46% of U.S. adults have performed an online search after seeing an OOH ad. –Nielsen

38% of U.S. adults have performed an action on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad. –Nielsen

25% of U.S. adults have performed an an action on Twitter after seeing an OOH ad. –Nielsen

48% of consumers are more likely to click on a digital ad after seeing the same OOH ad. –Ocean & NeuroInsights

96% of adults are exposed to outdoor media through local vehicle travel each week. –Arbitron

:-) Compared to live TV and radio audiences, OOH audiences are more excited, confident and happy. -OAAA

85% of U.S. adults believe that OOH is useful. –OAAA

83% of U.S. adults believe that OOH is informative. –OAAA

68% said OOH ads are very likely to somewhat influence a purchase decision, and 1/3 of adults have bought a product after seeing an OOH ad. -OAAA

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